SGS Safety Gun Strap

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The Safety Gun Strap combines with the advantages of your regular gun strap, for example when aiming with the help of the steady sling grip. SGS gives you a more ergonomic posture as it balances the load on both sides of your back. Now you can relax while walking without having to constantly hold your rifle in place with one hand. SGS is designed to fit most weapon straps on the market. Available in two variants. Make your choice below and read more about each variant.

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Six advantages of the SGS Safety Gun Strap

  1. You don’t have to waste energy and a hand on keeping the rifle in place.
  2. It is possible to use it with or without a backpack.
  3. It is easy to take off and keep using your regular strap as usual.
  4. You can quickly transition to a shooting stance even though the gun is strapped securely on your back.
  5. SGS does not disturb the function of the regular weapon strap, you can still use your regular gun strap to aid in your shot.
  6. You get a more ergonomic posture; you won’t need to raise your shoulder while you’re walking.

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